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Vampire Club - Twilight Version

Oh, the moon was full
In the color of blood
The night the Werewolves came
To the Vampire Club
A wolf named Jake tried to show off
He walked up to Bella with his shirt off.
Well, he recognized a Vampire
From his school
He said something that was
Most uncool,
"Hey, Pretty Boy, with the Sparkly skin!
I'm gonna steal your girl,
'Cause I hate your kin!"

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Christopher Lee orders a Bud, and says:
"You'd better not sparkle in my Vampire Club!"

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Circus Maximus

Поскольку никто и никогда не разберет, что же там орут на фоне, то вот:

When I look back there was no one there for me

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А то потеряется:


We Were Lovers

(by Jean-Jacques Burnel)

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- я знаю, что это не весь текст. Но я хочу не потерять именно этот кусок.

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Hagalaz' Runedance "Behold The Passionate Ways Of Nature"